February 2016

How to Identify Fake Apps in the Google Play Store

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What is the first thing we do whenever we get our hands on a shiny new phone? No points for guessing! We download apps – all kinds of them; games, messaging, wallpapers, media streaming, utility and so on. But hold on! Are we careful about what we let inside our...

Quick Heal Debuts at RSA 2016, San Francisco, USA


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Widely recognized as the world’s largest information security event, the RSA Conference takes place in San Francisco each year to bring together the brightest minds and the most advanced technologies in our industry. All of us at Quick Heal are very excited to participate in the 2016 conference, which takes...

Potentially Unwanted Application (PUA) – A Digital Nuisance

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This post aims to provide an insight to our readers about programs called Potentially Unwanted Applications, about what they are and how they can be a threat to our privacy and security. What are Potentially Unwanted Applications? Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUA) are often bundled with genuine software that are freely...

New Phishing Campaign Targets Google Play Developers

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Google has issued a precautionary note for Google Play Developers. It reads as follows: “If you’ve received an email from ‘Developer Support‘ with the subject line ‘Confirm your account,’ don’t click on links within this message or submit any personal information. If you clicked any links, please immediately change your...

Stay Away from all these Apps on Google Play

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This is a precautionary advisory for all our readers who use Android smartphones. A Trojan detected by Quick Heal as Android.Xynyin.C, is known to have been injected into more than 60 gaming apps available in the Google Play Store. According to the intelligence reports received from our Malware Analysts, the...

5 Best Instagram Security Tips

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When Instagram was formed as an iOS-only photo sharing app in 2010, nobody imagined how big and popular the service could actually get. Today Instagram is available over all major mobile platforms and has more than 400 million monthly active users around the world. The key features of Instagram are...

TRAI Hands Out Landmark Blow to Facebook Free Basics


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In a landmark ruling, TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) has come out in favor of net neutrality and upheld the integrity of a free Internet for one and all in the Indian telecom industry. TRAI has now banned broadband providers and mobile carriers from offering differential pricing to customers...

VirTool Injector – Esoteric Bot

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Quick Heal Threat Research Labs is tracking a malware known as Esoteric Bot. This blog post provides a technical overview into the behavior, work flow, and infection vector of this malware. It also discusses its preventive measures that must be taken by users. Infection Vector of Esoteric Bot Spam emails...

Be Careful of these Potential Online Scams

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With services like WhatsApp and other such messaging platforms, communication has become easier and highly convenient. But, as these services gain popularity, they start attracting a whole lot of scammers and criminal minds. This post tells you about two types of potential online scams that you must watch out for....